Joe Walsh

Position: Full Time Mechanic and Crew Chief for KSR
How you got into racing: Grew up in a racing family, my dad raced and hug out with Ken's dad Bill Schrader. Raced Go Carts at age 5 and stock cars at age 15. Still do some racing on a rare occasion.
What got you into racing: My dad got me a go cart at age 5 for Christmas.
Role on the team: Dirt Team Crew Chief..has been with KSR since 1996.
Favorite Part of your job: Everyday is a new adventure when working with Schrader.
Job Challenges: KSR races many different classes of cars, that require different schools of thought, plus racing all over the country at lots of different tracks.
Favorite Schrader tradition: Traveling to the "same" different places each year and meeting up with old friends, making new friends along the way.
Best Part of your job: WINNING!!
Greatest moment in Racing: Getting to race at so many of the Greatest Racetracks in America!
Describing KS in 5 words: Fun, Detailed, Never Gives Up!!

Travis Martineau

Position: Part-Time Mechanic
Nickname: "Snap"
How you got into racing: Grew up around racing. He has a CDL and does mechanical work around the KSR shop on a part time basis since he lives in PA.
Favorite Part of your job: Being about to hang with KS as he refers to him a "NASCAR Legend".
Job Challenges: being away from home for long periods of time.
Favorite Schrader tradition: KS usually buys lunch if he's in town..lunch time is ALWAYS 12 NOON!!
Best Part of your job: Being around folks you like around the shop, at the track or on the road.
Greatest moment in Racing: Winning the 2016 Rush Late Models "Rookie of the Year" Humberstone Canada
Describing KS in 5 words: Best Boss I Ever Had!

Eric Budt

Position:Full-Time mechanic and jack of all trades!
Education/Background:Father of 2; and 2 grand children. Has always been a gear head. Has a degree in electronics, and is an Arm-Chair Engineer.
How you got into racing: His dad got me into racing because he loved street rods and car restoration., I was hooked at a very young age.
Time at KSR: If it drives, rides or tows, or it's lived in.. it's on my radar at KSR. I'm the new guy with 1.5 years at KSR.
Favorite Part of your Job: Working with KS; a quote from Mark Twain.. make your vocation, our vacation!
Job Challenges: All the planned and unplanned attention to the equipment, vehicles, and shop when things need maintenance or break down. Carries onto our travels on "the road" as well.
Favorite Schrader tradition: Traveling with the team.. fellowship with the team and folks along the way at the race tracks. Really like working with the Federated Auto Parts folks on special projects!
Best Part of your job: Being part of something I feel is really special!! People will always remember meeting KS at the track; very special to watch their experience!
Greatest moment in Racing: First time experiencing Victory Lane with KS, crew chief Joey, ranks right up there with my first Motocross win many moons ago.
Describing KS in 5 words: One Hell of A Guy! or The World Needs More KS's!!

Joe Campbell

Position: Part-Time Mechanic
Nickname: "Soup"
Education: Shawnee Heights HS Topeka, KS 1999, Wyoming Tech ,Laramie WY 2000
How you got into racing: Terrible at ball sports; Family friend had a dirt modified started to go on Friday nights to watch.
Time at KSR: 10 years worked FT as Crew Chief now a part time crew member (got Married and moved).
Favorite Part of your job: WINNING! Seeing all your hard work show on the race track (or at least running well).
Job Challenges: being away from home for long periods of time. Keeping the racing operation running smooth..lots of moving parts trucks/trailers/Race Cars/parts/pieces/Tires..all need constant upkeep!
Favorite Schrader tradition: Run Good-Drink Beer! Run Bad-still drink a beer. L.R.C. dice games on tool box after racing..debrief sessions then too.
Best Part of your job: WINNING-Trophies & Happy Gilmore checks.
Greatest moment in Racing: My first Win as a driver 2003! ( I won the Saturday night of Mother's Day weekend the year I lost my mom) First win as a driver!
Describing KS in 5 words: Completely Ate Up With Racing!

Tom Hannick: (Volunteer in his 70's)

Education: Graduated from High School
How you got into racing: A Race Car!
Time at KSR: Known Kenny as a kid...always around and there to help with "what ever" was needed throughout his 50 plus years of racing.
Favorite Part of your job: Getting back home in my own bed.
Job Challenges: Sleep Depravation!!
Favorite Schrader tradition: Drinking Beer!
Best Part of your job: Going to the Next Race!
Greatest moment in Racing: Winning local Championship at Lake Hill Speedway in St. Louis.
Describing KS in 5 words: Win, or Lose; Gotta Race.

Mark Mayer

Position: A friend; volunteer and a retired union carpenter for 35 yrs., can fix almost anything !

Mark's Background: Married 26 years and has one son. Graduated from local HS Northwest in 1984. Mark got into racing going to Lake Hill Speedway in Valley Park, MO when Ken started his career.

Mark's helped at Schrader Racing part time for several years.
Challenges for Mark in racing: Keeping the team calm, when things get rough, because something broke on the car or the car isn't running as well as the team expected. "Mr. Calm"
Favorite team activities: Filling in whenever or whereever he's need to make everyone's job a little easier.
Best Part of helping at KSR: Victory Lane and celebrating another win!!
Mark's greatest moment in racing: Winning his first race as a Crew Chief with David Jumper in 2001. (David Jumper a good friend to Ken)
Describe Ken in 5 words: Down to Earth Good Guy!

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